• Chihiro & Yuki
    I had a great experience working with Ben and his team for my 3months renovation project in Phnom Penh.First of all, the communication with Ben was always prompt and detailed. I have to confess that I did the renovation project remotely from Singapore, and while the construction was going, I did not visit the site at all. Although I originally planned to visit the site once in a while, I did not as Ben weekly sent me photo updates of the site via whatsapp. In addition, he also sent us non regular messages for anything that comes up unexpectedly and needs discussions.Second of all, Ben also gave us great suggestions for renovations instead of simply executing the ideas from designers and myself as the original ideas do not always work that well in reality and what matters most is good and realistic suggestions from someone on site. The idea of exposed bricks on the wall came from Ben, when he discovered the original bricks were laid out nicely during the rework of the wall, to save cost and give an additional character to the flat.Lastly, I thank Ben for being able to rely on him for the quality of work. Originally, I was concerned whether the quality can meet western standards in Phnom Penh or not; however, the work performed by his team was excellent and I was very satisfied with the work when I visited the site for the first time after the renovation. He also covered all the small issues I found after the handover. Although Ben's team may not be the cheapest option available in the city, I believe his offering has a great ROI in a long run.
    Chihiro & Yuki
    Old Market New Apartment | Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
  • Tisha Shelley
    Working with Imagine, Ben and his team; was certainly an experience. There are so many things you need from a builder. You are bringing your dream into reality, in some cases, a dream you may have had for decades. With that in mind you rely on them to take what is in your head and put it into place with the least amount of spend, pain and time. I first sat with Ben and rambled for an hour about the exact style and "feel" I wanted the shop to have, since realizing that I’m sure I made little sense. He took that meeting and immediately started to send me images and ideas for what I considered my future, he provided a comprehensive quote and gave me add on choices I had asked for and let me choose how much or little he would take on. Cut to three months later and we are a functioning business, Imagine was a huge part of that. Our interior, our fittings and furniture, our lights, our floors and all of the electrics were taken care of, and all from some muddled ideas in my head. All issues were dealt with quickly and without stress to me, I was able to get on with the rest of the business without having to visit site daily, and was in constant communication with Ben. Costs were clear and explained to me, I trusted him so much with the project and my income that we have already employed Imagine to do some upgrades to our location (who knew summer was coming!). Lastly, aside from the work Imagine was able to do, Ben has become a source of advice, support, information and assistance to me, a new business owner in the kingdom of wonder. Something that is invaluable and rare as gold dust in a place you can often be misled!"
    Tisha Shelley
    Edgar Allan Paw | Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
  • Brendan John McCarthy
    We engaged the services of Ben Whitrod and his team at ImaginePPM to undertake the construction of our new hospitality venture in Russian Market, Phnom Penh. The proposed project was by no means a small one involving a considerable amount of demolition, renovation and construction work to convert an old Khmer style home into a well functioning bar and restaurant. Right from the very onset Ben’s involvement in our project had a profoundly positive effect. He brings with him a great wealth of construction knowledge and experience which combined with his outstanding managerial skills makes him and his team an absolute pleasure to deal with. Imagine PPM have a number of noteworthy assets worth mentioning: Attention to detail, great team management, ability to meet deadlines, after service care and his General knowledge of Cambodian culture & Phnom Penh.As many people will attest, setting up and running a business in Cambodia can be both a challenging and frustrating task at times but thankfully with the involvement of Ben and his team at Imagine PPM this process was made dramatically easier for us and as a result I would highly recommend his services for any construction related project.
    Brendan John McCarthy
    Long After Dark | Toul Tom Poung, Phnom Penh
  • Timothy Bruyns
    Imagine PPM was the perfect construction partner for our project. The guys went above and beyond our expectations on multiple occasions and always presented us with solutions rather than problems. Opening a new restaurant is incredibly stressful but they were a proactive and positive part of our team from day one and were as invested as we were in the finished product. We wanted to create an original, refined and welcoming space and they helped us achieve this and much more. We are grateful to have worked with such eager, professional, capable, detail-oriented and genuine people and highly recommend Imagine PPM to anyone looking for construction services in Phnom Penh.
    Timothy Bruyns
    The Tiger's Eye | Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
  • John & Mom
    Imagine PPM were always going to be our first choice for Hummingbird. Ben’s professional reputation precedes him and we weren’t disappointed. From concept to completion he was always on hand and available, and his staff got the job done in a quick and efficient manner with some great attention to detail. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Ben and Imagine PPM
    John & Mom
    Hummingbird | Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
  • Clarisse
    Quand j’ai eu le projet de rénover mon appartement, j’avais certaines idées en tête…. des ouvertures faciles, un espace aéré naturellement…. Ben en particulier et Imagineppm en plus de la réalisation, ont apporté de l’innovation. Un exemple simple: les fenêtres en accordéon ….. un vrai plaisir et un jamais vu pour ma part ici à Phnom Penh.Je souhaitais du moderne et fonctionnel, tout en gardant “l’esprit et l’histoire”.Les fers forgés de sécurité (gardés et rénovés) avec les moustiquaires qui ont été intégrés, me permettent de laisser les vents passer….Le sol a été refait avec les carreaux cambodgiens, …. avec un plus….regardez les photos…!Bref, Ben a répondu à mes attentes, a géré son équipe pour répondre dans les délais et les couts,il a toujours été disponible, ouvert et m’apportant des conseils et un support permanent.Bonne chance à ImaginePPM
    Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
  • Joe Ogden
    We have hired Imagine PPM for a few projects concerning our office renovations and adhoc jobs. After repairing a leaking roof, we then engaged them to expand our office – knocking through to a larger area, renovating the entire space and creating a new meeting/reception area, work area, kitchen, plus finishing touches. They are very flexible to work with and we recommend their services particularly for office renovation and commercial fit-outs.
    Joe Ogden
    Urban Design Studio (previously) | Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
  • Giorgio
    Wanting to renovate my restaurant, Pop Cafe Da Giorgio, I employed the help of Benjamin and his team at ImaginePPM and was glad that I did. From the first meeting until completion I found the whole team to be very professional, punctual and creative. They provided me with a very competitive quote within a couple of days and completed the work to high standard, on time and within the budget I was looking to spend. I would happily recommend them to anyone looking to have renovation work done.After finishing they came back for any small problems I had.
    Pop Cafe Da Giorgio | Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
  • Kerry Burke
    Ben and the Imagine team really helped us to create and construct the ideas we had for the Feel Good building. We were all living in the building, training the Feel Good team and creating products……it was a crazy stressful time, I look back at the Imagine team and the consistent, constructive and creative support we got from Ben and the willingness of the Imagine team to work with us and around us. Ben”s expertise, perfectionism, standards and timing on the project made the whole experience appear seamless. Imagine still continues to work with us today, as we build each new step in the building.. We have heard enough “Cambodian construction horror stories” and the Feel Good team can not thank the Imagine team enough for making our building story a dream.
    Kerry Burke
    Feel Good | Daun Penh, Phnom Penh